in the streets of Karlsruhe

Stiftung CCFA Karlsruhe

March 21 - April 4 2023

Bicycle tour of sites on March 22


Created for the French language week (Semaine de la francophonie) the project Collections Francophones contributes to the current debate on the return of art treasures of colonial origin in our museums. The  posters represent standard museum artifacts, some of them problematic, on display in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Morocco, a former French "protectorate", is shown as a counterpoint to the Western hegemonic narrative. Made especially for Karlsruhe, these posters are based on the projects "Museums of the World" (2010 - 2015) and "Disturbing Specimens" (ongoing). The presentation at the CCFA was followed by a bike tour of some of the sites.