Alentour, Unesco world heritage, 2020

Simulation of a wall piece in situ
Simulation of two wall pieces in situ
Subjective maps determine the frontiers and characteristics of Alentour
Heraldry for the coats of arms
Coats of arms in enamel
The wall works were modified after the workshops
Works for the corridors
Works for the corridors

Alentour, Unesco world heritage, 2020

Alentour is the public art project for the Aretha Franklin junior high school in Drancy, Seine Saint-Denis. It consisted of envisaging a new city around the school and working with the students on a fictional application to have it classified Unesco World Heritage. The study of the area done during the competition phase generated works representing the real city at its best: 9 wall pieces made of enamel panels to be hung in the corridors. During workshops with 5 classes we identified the tangible and intangible heritage that could make Alentour an example for all humanity. The students drew subjective maps and created heraldry for 8 coats of arms to embody the identity of Alentour’s inhabitants. The project was documented on blogs accessed via QR codes on posters. The wall pieces were modified to incorporate the students’ utopian vision.


Competition won in November 2019.

Workshops in January – February 2020.

Installation of permanent works in April 2020.