FLOOD ABACUS, 2021 ALENTOUR Ungrid (2018) Hidden Corners of Europe (2017) News of the World (2016) Museums of the World (2013) Proliferations (2013) Air resistance (2011) Sports Trail (2008) Public housing (2007)


The Flood Abacus, installed in a flood zone in Courcelles sur Seine in late August 2021, was designed to measure the rising waters and playfully inform the general public of their dangers. In dry periods, the color-coded buoys are lined up two meters from ground level. Floodwaters push them upwards, beyond this level. A flood classified “frequent” pushes up the three blue buoys. An “occasional” level flood also pushes up the two yellow buoys and an “exceptional” flood even reaches the orange buoy. A flood more extreme than the historical disaster of 1910 would threaten the weather vane house at its top.


Commissioned by AREAS, financed by The Seine Eure Agglo, the Ministry of Culture and private sponsors.



Alentour is the public art project for the Aretha Franklin junior high school in Drancy, Seine Saint-Denis. It consisted of envisaging a new city around the school and working with the students on a fictional application to have it classified Unesco World Heritage. The study of the area done during the competition phase generated works representing the real city at its best: 12 wall pieces made of enamel panels to be hung in the corridors. During workshops with 5 classes we identified the tangible and intangible heritage that could make Alentour an example for all humanity. The students drew subjective maps and created heraldry for 8 coats of arms to embody the identity of Alentour’s inhabitants. The project was documented on four thematic blogs accessed via QR codes on posters. The wall pieces were modified to incorporate the students’ utopian vision.


Competition won in November 2019.

Workshops in January – February 2020.

Installation of permanent works in July 2020.

Photographs: Sylvain Hitau

Ungrid (2018)


The pattern that is to cover the elevator wall and the sawtooth light wells of the Letessier building is inspired by the geometric rigor of the architecture. In line with the spirit of the restoration of this 1960s construction, the modernist grid is “destructured” to embrace today’s preference in architecture for the asymmetrical. Its proliferating aspect softens the building’s hard edges.


Replacement project for incomplete commission from 2008. Wall panels: delivered November 2018. Light wells: November 2019.

Hidden Corners of Europe (2017)


The new secondary school in Vertou bears the name of one of the founding fathers of Europe. The proposal pays homage to the European project. It is made up of enamel panels representing a range of cities on the continent. The works are accompanied by maps and a participatory educational project resulting in 18 artworks installed in the corridors. Students are invited to follow my travels via a website.

Competition won in 2017. Delivery April 2019.

News of the World (2016)


The project uses visuals from 15 years of travel. It is an attempt to broaden students’ horizons, add to a dynamic environment in harmony with the architecture and initiate students into creative practice by getting them to contribute to research. It is made up of 6 polyptychs in enamel panels, 6 round enamel panels, a website presenting visual material gathered during travels to be updated constantly until 2020 and a series of classes with all the students in the school.

Competition won in July 2016. Delivered November 2016.

Museums of the World (2013)


Using the "Museums of the World" series of collages, based on an inventory in drawing of international museums collections since 2009, 18 enamel pillars are scattered around the school's two sites. Ground signage connects the pillars with the departure point in the central courtyard. The undertaking includes two websites and a large-scale art project with eight groups of students.

Competition won in June 2013. Delivered August 2013 - January 2014.

Proliferations (2013)


Design of three "microscope slide" sun screens made of reinforced cement to cover the façade of the new medical biology building in Limoges, plus three "Petri dish" paintings to be hung in the two entrance halls. Competition won in March 2013. Delivered February 2014.

Air resistance (2011)


Competition for a design for the exterior of the Bourges velodrome. The motif on the metal panels is inspired by the aerodynamics of a cyclist in motion. Those printed on the semi-opaque roof describe racing strategies in four different events.

Competition won in July 2011. Delivered September 2013.

Sports Trail (2008)


Commission for signage during the renovation of the National Sports Institute in Paris. Creation of a series of pictograms representing the buildings, which were used as a trail leading around the campus. The project was in 3 phases: flag panels at the entrance to the site, map (phase 1); recto-verso wall of enamel panels (phase 2); large-scale road signage to be seen from Google Earth (phase 3).

Competition won in 2008. Phases 1 and 2 delivered in 2009 and 2011. Phase 3 cancelled and replaced by the “Ungrid” commission in 2018.

Public housing (2007)


Construction of 113 apartments with underground parking by Logis-Transports. The project included 24 enamel panels of 125cm x 90cm representing the building and its environment, an exhibition in the municipal gallery, an explanatory catalogue and workshops for children.

Competition won in 2007. Delivered in February 2010.