This exhibition, curated by Claude Closky, was to celebrate the reopening of the FRAC after a year of renovations. The works, contained in the collection or borrowed, "all have in common that they look at the unfolding of daily life, at the impact of time on work, or that they adopt a specific temporality in the way they are exhibited" (CC).


Exhibition runs until January 2 2022.



Student Union building, La Doua campus, Lyon University

The proposal for the this science and technology campus is a six-part comic strip. Born of consultations with experts in several fields (engineering, sociology, comparative literature, graphic design), it adopts what appears to be the language of science but is in fact transdisciplinary. From a distance, with its figures and pseudo-formula, it seems to embody the scientific spirit. If we look at its narrative content, the scenario is absurd.

(Proposal not accepted).


Collège Aretha Franklin, Drancy

Competition won in November 2019.

Project delivered July 2020.


53 enamel panels grouped into 12 polyptychs decorate the school's corridors. 8 works designed by the students using the coats of arms they created during workshops earlier in the year are hung in the staircase.



Proposal for the monthly drawing magazine Kontakt, published by Alex Chevalier.

Electronic mail-out September 30 2020.


07/2020, On-line card game

This interactive, electronic card game, created during the first Covid-19 lock-down, assumed that the crisis would spark a return to superstition. It works with a set of 400 cards, mostly using imagery pulled off the Internet, and as many fortune cookie-type prophecies. Viral animations spring out of nowhere. The pandemic-themed texts, images and animations are at the service of old divination techniques. The cards are drawn automatically but you can also intervene, following obscure and changing rules, to try and influence what the Oracle says.



August 2 - September 27 2020


My contribution to this group exhibition in the pyramid-shaped barns of the Pays Fort region was inspired by the local tradition of witchcraft. I adopted its assumption that answers to problems can be found in a parallel realm and certain rituals give access to it. Groups of construction signage inscribed with pictographic representations of rural life and QR codes were spread among the three sites. They marked the entry points to underground content: the card game Oracle and four electronic flip books (Rural Flip 1 – 4).


Curator: Lucile Encrevé

Organizers: Singularités.



July 4 to October 11 2020


This group exhibition takes gender as its theme, pairing male and female artists with thematic or formal similarities. My ORACLE electronic card game and wall paintings depicting the mutation of the Covid-19 virus dialogue with Olivier Garraud's disident pseudo press cartoons. Our shared interest in mapping current affairs, the ironic use of text and a taste for high impact graphics motivated this "arranged mariage."


Curators: Caroline Bissière & Jean-Paul Blanchet

installation of public art project

Collège Jean Monnet, Vertou

Titled Hidden Corners of Europe, the project consists of 21 large scale enamel panels hung in the entrance hall, 18 works created by students during workshops and two explanatory publications. Delivered March 15 2019.


Commission from Voyage à Nantes to decorate a 22 meter long articulated bus alongside 21 other artists including Christophe Cuzin, Karina Bisch, Nicolas Chardon…

The visual is from the repertoire Cosmic, used in three colors with different scales and jumps in continuity.


Flood Abacus, Courcelles-sur-Seine

The project Seine de crues, put forward by the non-profit Areas, aimed to communicate about the dangers of flooding along the Seine. The “Flood Abacus” chosen for the site at Courcelles-sur-Seine moves with the elements. The spinning house on top indicates wind speed and direction. The colored buoys, lined up at 2 meters above ground level, are pushed upwards by floodwaters. The mast, with its 20cm stripes, allows people to calculate the water level from a safe distance up on the bridge.


Downloadable pdf files

Two new artist books present drawings of essentially African sculptures exhibited at the Pavillon des Sessions at the Louvre. The “imperial drawings” done with the right hand embody the certainty that science once enjoyed. The “postcolonial” drawings, done with the left hand, are less sure of themselves. They represent a renewed approach to these problematic museum pieces.


Cartographie d'une année sans voyages

From September 2017 – May 2018, I completed the 2nd year of a Masters program in the Contemporary Art Department of Université Paris 8. Unable to travel during this time of intellectual awakening and thus cut off from my usual subject matter, I decided to map my everyday life. This “mapping of a year without travel” combines a range of visuals, found texts, anecdotes and administrative correspondence generated by my naturalization as a French citizen.

74 pages, 14,85 x 21 cm. In French (mostly).


Scientific Committee for Cultural Rebalancing

The result of a studious summer, this essay looks back on my project Museums of the World (2009 – 2015). This inventory of objects (but not artworks) contained in museums in 35 cities worldwide is reevaluated in light of debates that have rocked ethnographic museums over the last few decades. The essay contains illustrations and anecdotal detours relevant to the issues.

20 pages. In French.

"Covici, Croatia," jpeg, dimensions to be determined

BOAA, 21/9 – 6/11/2018

Biennale of Australian Art (Ballarat)

The exhibition Off the Map at the Post Office Gallery is a continuation of my interest in taking supposedly unappealing urban zones as the subjects of tourism campaigns. Based on a decade of traveling to ex-Soviet outposts, post-industrial regions and unloved neighborhoods full of social housing, this is a call to reconsider where you’d like to spend your holidays. My visitors’ center for neglected destinations brings together wall paintings, photographs and travel anecdotes.