BOAA, 2018 & Gallery, 2016 Production Site, 2015 Hors des murs, 2015 Mise au vert, 2015 Meymac Art Center, 2014

BOAA, 2018


Biennale of Australian Art

The exhibition Off the Map at the Post Office Gallery is a continuation of my interest in taking supposedly unappealing urban zones as the subjects of tourism campaigns. Based on a decade of traveling to ex-Soviet outposts, post-industrial regions and unloved neighborhoods full of social housing, this is a call to reconsider where you’d like to spend your holidays. My visitors’ center for neglected destinations brings together wall paintings, photographs and travel anecdotes.

& Gallery, 2016

Group show "The Expatriates"

16 April - 22 May 2016

Curator: Julie Collins

Production Site, 2015

From March to May 2015, this ever-changing exhibition turned Le 116 into a creative sweatshop. Mornings were devoted to study of the urban fabric, afternoons to making work in dialogue with the art center’s visitors. Wall paintings inspired by the surrounding residential and industrial architecture were filled in as the weeks went by. Paintings of facades, signposts and aluminum laser cutouts under glass bubbles were added progressively, creating an indoor environment devoted to celebrating the world just outside its doors.

Hors des murs, 2015

December 2015

Mise au vert, 2015


Six artists, French, Icelandic, Swedish and Australian have each developed unique work. Yet they all share a strong interest in architectural questions. Each has its own form, either drawing, painting or sculpture. They are concerned with integrating the space, whether indoor or outdoor, domestic or natural, while paying particular attention to the materials used. They gathered in the Maison Louis Carré, which is both intimate and strongly influenced by nature, for a debate and to ‘go green’.

May 24 - September 6 2015.

Meymac Art Center, 2014

Exhibition to accompany the Advent Calendar commission, December 2014